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1. Which is better: a trike or a sidecar? I believe the bottom line answer to this question is: it’s a personal decision. We sell and install both so we see the benefits of each. Here are some points to consider.

2. What is the difference in cost between a sidecar and a trike?

SIDECARS: The cost of the sidecar itself is only a part of the total cost of building a rig. Along with the cost of the sidecar, you have sales tax, crating, shipping, customizing, a subframe, and mounting. If you are building a dedicated rig, you could also have tires, wheels, and a different front end. So, there’s lots more than just the couple of thousand the sidecar costs.

Here’s a minimum (for Spring, 2007) for a new sidecar from us: our low-priced Standard is $2995. Crating (a solid plywood and 2×4 box) is $150 and we are now (early 2006) seeing shipping charges run from $300 to as much as $450 via Yellow Freight. With the standard installation kit and doing it yourself, you have about $3500 in the rig. Not too bad, but that’s a minimum.

If you live in Texas, add about $300 for taxes. Subframes and custom mounts (depending upon your bike) range from $200 for most bikes to a high of $600 for a couple of other examples. Installation by a professional usually begins at $500 and can go to $700 or more. If you just have to have that custom paint, put another $750 on it. You’ve just bumped the low-end up to almost double what the sidecar listed for and you haven’t added special tires, wheels or front end. The point is you need to know what you want and what it is going to cost you.

TRIKES: Trikes, like sidecars, have a number of costs above and beyond the base price, but most are in accessories. A Champion trike kit for the Honda GL 1800 for example lists (Spring 2997) for $6995, with crating adding $150 and shipping around $200. Paint is a must on trike kits, so add around $675 and installation runs around $1500. We strongly suggest the EZ-Steer for trikes, adding another $995. Your total for an out-the-door, painted-to-match, road-ready Champion trike kit is around $10,515.

3. We’d like to come visit your showroom – when are you open? We have a showroom now and are happy to have you drop by. Please call ahead (833-897-4332) to make sure we are there. On odd occasions, we are away from the shop for a short while and would hate to miss you! Also, we can schedule a time outside of our regular hours if necessary.