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Here are some photos of Harleys with Texas Sidecars and Velorexes. Bunches and bunches of Big Twins with Sportsters thrown in too.

Click on the thumbnail to see larger pictures of the bikes which interest you.

Non-standard wheel shown in these pictures.

Let’s take a Sportster break here…..

Nice example of an ’03 with a Standard:

Lots of paint on this one:

Now, back to the big twins!  The next three examples were all custom painted to match the bike.

Here’s one we caught on the trailer after the install – they were on vacation and in a hurry to beat the bad weather that was rolling in.  Custom paint shown here.

The pearl white Dyna below is an ’04 model.

Here’s a 1998 Road King with a new Ranger which has an improved windshield design and an owner-furnished wheel.

Here’s a custom job – an old Jupiter we’ve installed on a new 1200 Sportster for Mel and Luis from Austin, Texas.  They have it loaded and are heading back home.