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The Texas Sidecar Co.

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You’re here because you are interested in a sidecar.  We offer the highest quality sidecars available for the money.  Here’s what you should know about our sidecars:

1.  High QUALITY, fit and finish.  Our heavy fiberglass sidecar bodies have marine grade carpets, durable vinyl upholstery and tonneau cover, and black powder-coated chassis and mounting hardware.  The bodies have a beautiful gloss black finish that does not require a paint job.

2.  Well designed, safe MOUNTING HARDWARE specific to your scooter or motorcycle.  No cutting or welding and installation requires only basic hand tools and our Installation Guides are the best in the industry.

3.  Fast, knowledgeable SERVICE.  We are a small company dedicated to manufacturing, selling and installing sidecars. We carefully manage our production to provide the highest level service possible.

4.  AMERICAN made with American materials and backed with old-fashioned  honesty and integrity.  We sell, install and us what WE build.  If we make a mistake, we make it right, fast.

Ask on the web, ask at the rallies, ask the owners: when you compare the quality, the ease of installation and the total cost, Texas Sidecars are the best value on the market.

We work hard to offer the highest quality sidecar on the market, with a finish that is second to none.  Most customers find that Texas Sidecars look as good or better straight ou of the mold than most sidecars with a factory paint job.  An occasional waxing keeps it that way.  If gloss black  will work with the color of your bike, you have just saved the $750 cost of a paint job.  The durable black powder-coated chassis and mounting hardware will look good for years too. Ask the competition what finish they use – do you really want a rattle can paint job?

Our sidecars fit a wide variety of scooters and motorcycles.  A large percentage of our customers own Harleys while another large group own scooters; Helix, Silver Wings, Majesties and Burgmans.  Quite a few  have been installed on the Vulcan series Kawasaki and the remainder have been fitted to almost every other popular cruiser, sport touring and scooter built today.  Click on the “Gallery” link to see some of the combinations.

Each application has safe and easy-to-install mounting hardware designed specifically for each scooter or motorcycle, such as the subframe pictured on the right. Detailed installation guides are included and many of our customers do their own installation.  An example of the instructions can be seen by clicking here.

To see the available mounting hardware we offer, click here. Don’t be fooled by so-called “universal mounting kits”.  The money you save on the front end costs you more in the end.  You also lose time and may even sacrifice safety.

To build our sidecars, we use the best materials available and source as much as possible from inside the United States.  Each chassis is built by hand, each seat cover and tonneau cover sewn on-site.   Installation is  also available through our shop as well as through your dealer or ours.

When it comes to service, you talk to knowledgeable, responsive owners with a vested interest in your satisfaction.  We have literally built hundreds of sidecars and installed a large number of our own and other manufacturers. Our knowledge-base has been earned by experience.   Check our reputation with other sidecarists at rallies and on the Internet. If one of our models does not meet your needs, we can work with you in the purchase and installation of other manufacturers sidecars also.  Give us a call to discuss your needs.

The Texas Sidecar Company was officially formed in late 2000 but the products have a long history and the owners have been involved with sidecars for many years.

CJ and Ardis Foust founded the Ride-By-Side company in 1979 in Hartland, Michigan.  They began with one model – now called the Standard.  It has been a popular choice for small- and mid-displacement motorcycles for over 20 years.  A variation of the Standard, which has a smaller wheel and custom mounting, has been mated to quite a few Honda Helixes.

The Standard grew in width to become the new Ranger model.  Several hundred of these were built over the years and have been mounted on almost every popular make and model motorcycle, from Honda to Harley.  Additionally, the Fousts purchased the Gemini sidecar mold from Auburn Sidecars and added that model to their line for those needing a two-seater.

CJ and Bob shaking on the deal

In October, 2000, Bob Darden purchased the sidecar molds, patterns and names from the Ride-By-Side company.  He and Deb Darden then formed The Texas Sidecar Company.

Bob’s sidecar experience goes back to the early ’70s. While working in a machine shop in his early twenties, Bob built his first chassis for his new Harley Superglide in ’73.  He became a devoted sidecarist in ’83 with the purchase of an early Bingham, which he attached to his Moto Guzzi.  Since the early ’90s, he has designed and built a number of his own sidecars and modified and mounted a wide variety of other manufacturers’ sidecars.  Bob focuses on technical Q&A calls,  the chassis building, final assembly and installation.

Deb Darden received her first sidecar ride in 1994 from her brother- in-law, Jim Dodson, then editor of HACK’d magazine.  After retiring from the Air Force Reserves as a Senior Master Sergeant, Deb helped form The Texas Sidecar Company and handles sales calls, accounting, and inventory, as well as construction of seat and tonneau covers from her upholstery shop.

April 1, 2004, a new building was constructed  5 miles north of Leonard,
and a new showroom, parts warehouse and installation bay were set-up.

The Texas Sidecar Company was purchased by Kent Silk in July of
2019. The company is currently located in Houston, TX.